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HQ Ita Bag - Crowfunding

HQ Ita Bag - Crowfunding

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Get yourself the perfect bag for school or work and show your support for your favorite team.  Available this team, the Karasuno team and the Fukurodani team, you can either take only the bag or buy some accessories too. 

- IMPORTANT : The add-ons will be the same team of your bag choice, exemple if you take the Karasuno pack and you choose the omamori, you'll get the Karasuno Omamori. 

If you want by exemple only the Karasuno bag but the pin captain of Fukurodani you choose the none option for the bag and the pin captain and just leave me a message to tell me exactly what do you want. 

- Crowfunding system : if you get to the goals, everyone will get their order, if not everything will be refund. The bag are set to be send out around summer 2024. 

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